Hi. Thanks for checking out my work! I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in Ireland. My works span a variety of mediums including digital illustration, tattoo, large scale mural work, brushwork on canvas and installation. "Dan has a graphic style that is no doubt born from a steady consumption of obscure cultures, cartoons, music and street level art movements"  My work most often depicts nature and animals in a style that has heavy line work, pattern elements and is bold in colour. My interest in art has (thankfully) helped me travel and paint across Europe and the USA.

I aim to capture the essence of what I paint in a very direct way. Sometimes the eradication of unnecessary aspects of anatomy can bring focus to more essential ones. I use shape and colour to emphasise the flow of the body while also abstracting the subject. My plan was never to solely depict animals but through the years my work has always navigated toward nature, something I have great respect for. It is a never ending source of inspiration and subject matter. Technically I want to create as clean and physically flat a painting as possible, emulating the digital side of my work. Stylistically my biggest early influences would be the cartoons of the late eighties and mid nineties.

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Instagram: @danleodesign 

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Photo by hayleykstuartphotography